The world is made up of people doing extraordinary things in their ordinary days. Tiny People is an online publication that delights in the rawness and realness of the human experience by featuring the ones who are brave enough to chase their dreams. We hope to inspire and motivate by sharing the stories that otherwise go unseen.


Jess Hernandez

Photographer & Writer

Jessica Hernandez is a compulsive button pusher and seasoned airport navigator based in Southern California. She is drawn to storytelling and is on the constant pursuit of creating inspiring visual narratives. She thrives in connecting with those around her, whether through creative collaborations, coffee conversations or Netflix binge-watching confessions.


Jessica Estrada

Photographer & Writer

Jessica Marie Estrada is a freelance writer and human rights enthusiast based out of Southern California. Before pursuing her dream of writing, she focused her efforts on working with marginalized and immigrant communities, where she became inspired to learn the uncommon stories of the brave ones. She has a love of all things traveling, photography, reading: basically anything that fulfills her curiosity and a good cup of coffee.


Brandon Wall

Designer & Filmmaker

Originally from Tennessee, Brandon Wall moved his roots to Southern California in pursuit of art through design and animation. He devoted his younger years to skateboarding, which sparked his interest for filmmaking and all things creative. On his spare time, Brandon is living out his passion through adventuring in his everyday, spinning records, and eating the best vegan food money can buy.